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Hey You! Listen to me blabber pointlessly!!

Because I just might say something interesting.. or stupid.

6 February
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Hello. My name is Shay. You most likely have not killed my father, but if you're going to do so please let me know so I can warn him.

If you went to school with me you most likely know me by my full first name. I was in the '06 class. My name is banished from the interwebz. I do not like it. Please go with the short form even if we hardly know each other.

I'm 22. I like random things. My days are mostly filled with World of Warcraft and interwebz. When I'm not procrastinating I also occasionally clean my house.

I moved to Canada for serious in Sept 2008 and have been married to my fluffykinz since November 2008. I'm currently waiting on a work permit so I can find interesting things outside the house to do. Until then the interwebz is stuck with me.

So I can look back and laugh when editing this I am currently downloading the P90X Workout Video Collection! At current speeds it should be completed in 16 hours! (8gigs of dudes in spandex I hope /drool) Motivational Forces will most likely take the next 6 months off so my hard drive can exercise in peace.. without me :P

Oh! I've just begun reading the Harry Potter series for the first time, even though it's been cool beans since I was like.. 9.

I'm no longer using Facebook due to stalker issues (parents.. yeesh.) so MySpace is the not-so-preferred preferred medium of social networking if that's your thing.