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Curse you Summer!!

 Summer is a terrible, addictive drug.

I am so tempted to start so many projects all at once.

So far today I've collected information on making chainmaille, leather armour, petticoats, skirts and dresses, costuming, ren faires, knitting, beading, and various forms of knot work.

I've also been tempted to start writing again, get deeper into my studies of mythology (mostly Norse), learn how to make proper e-books, re-checkout A History of Reading and read over the chapters dealing with religion, type up a formal report on why I'm no longer a Christian, and then there's this journal.

Oh, and I also need to get down to Fabricland (yes, that's honest to god the best Canadians can come up with.. a fabric store.. called Fabricland. *sigh*) and pick out material for my new curtains!! Very excited to get to work on the curtains. Of course I still haven't taken proper measurements, decided how many curtains I want to make, if I'm going to have different materials in the different rooms, if I'm happy with the current bedroom window hanging (Canadian flag, wootwoot), what trimmings, if any, I want to finish them with. I haven't even decided on a colour scheme or type of material. Absolutely and hopelessly - lost.

The -certain- projects I'd like to get started on are the curtains of course, and while I can get back and forth to the library without slogging through snow and below freezing temps, an in depth examination of the reasons Christianity and I can no longer speak to one another. Sewing... how I miss it. I'll get a dab of it with the curtains but I'm really hoping to get into some other projects. Hopefully some sort of costume for this Halloween. I haven't entirely decided what I want. Ideas I'm toying with: Valkyrie, I'd do a pirate lady but DH went as Jack Sparrow last year, Elizabethan era woman (I used a cheap ren princess costume last year though), something with armour - barbarian, sword mistress, I'm hoping to open up my options if I can drop the 30lbs I've packed on since I moved here. Weight... sigh. Maybe something anime? We're most likely not getting to a Con any time soon.. I'd love to go as Revy from Black Lagoon (see avatar) but she's hardly ever wearing anything more than a glorified bra/tank and short shorts. Oooh maybe one of Marciano's sisters from Coyote Ragtime Show... though I fear it would just come off as a 'sexy maid outfit' without someone to go as one of the other sisters with me. Unless I went as August, she wears a top hat and is fully clothed. I'd really really like to make some priest tier 1 (Prophecy) from WoW. I've been mulling over how to make the shoulder dangles and collar properly stiff for wearing, how to attach them to the rest of the outfit, how to make a decent Benediction (the staff) etc. for years now. Too bad I've never even made a proper dress... and now I want to make something detailed with multiple colors in it >.> oh well.. the curse of dreaming without practicing.

As for writing - I'm contemplating a mock up of my great-grandparents immigration from Germany to the states. I've been gathering information on them with the trial of Ancestry.com and know the port they left from, the ship they were on, where it docked, where they were living the next year for the 1930 census, that my two great-uncles fought in WWII, one of them didn't come back home (my grandfather was too young to enlist until 1942-3, with the war half over), and plenty of other interesting tidbits. But it's not like being there. I'd like to do some research, how would they have travelled across the states? What was available to them in 1929? When they stepped into New York, what  was posted on the billboards? What products and literature would they have been bombarded with? None in the family could properly speak English in 1930, how did they cope with the language barrier? Did they live in a German section of town while trying to find a way across the country? They were working on a *FARM* in what is now an extremely dense city area, just across the water from Mercer Island if anyone is familiar with some expensive property in Seattle. And there's plenty of area to embellish and make a readable story out of the entire fiasco. Who would have said goodbye to them in Hamburg, Germany? They would have corresponded at least a few times, what was said, how did their lives develop differently. Who did they meet on the ship? who ushered them through the ports? were Germans subjected to scrutiny or suspicion at any time? I've heard a few tales about my uncle who died in WWII, who's name was Adolf, being mocked for his heritage and name combination. How were conditions for my great uncles in the army, as Germans going to war against Germany? Were they uneasy about shooting their former countrymen? What did my great grandparents feel about having their two eldest sons in the war, with their youngest at home no doubt in extreme unrest to join his brothers (my grandfather enlisted as soon as he was able). Who opened the letter to read that Adolf was not coming home?

And this is merely one family of no consequence. Just a tale of the struggles all humans go through to make it to their dying day.

Ugh so many ideas rattling around in my head lately. I'd like to inject them all with some sedatives and get a decent nights sleep.