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What I Want Right Now...

... is a new chat program. MSN is royally pissing me off. Sick of their constant 'news' reel at the bottom. Oooooh Soandso Celebrity is thinking of getting back with their ex-husband! Oooooooh Celebrity Chick and Celebrity Dude MIGHT HAVE HAD AN AFFAIR.... while both were MARRIED! 10 years ago!!! ZXOMGLKJSDFSS!!!!!

WTF Business of mine is that? What business of yours? They're people. Not deities.  Get over yourselves.

I was never much of one for the Celebrity gossip train at any point in my life. Sure I drooled over George Clooney with every other female with a pair of eyes, but really? Do I need to know every detail of some poor chick's sex life?

On the subject of Tiger Woods... should a person every have to stand up in front of the country and say 'Sorry I fucked someone else. I know my marriage and sexual relations should be mine and my wife's business but I just figured I'd apologize to everyone while I'm apologizing. BTW I'm sleeping on the couch tonight... any single ladies out there got an empty double bed?!'

It just truly disgusts that so many people slave over these trivial and raunchy bits of 'news' for day to day entertainment.

Watch a soap opera for crying out loud. Stay out of other people's business.

Imagine for half a second that was your face on the cover of some magazine. 'Judith seen leaving Tom's apartment late last night! How will Richard react?' With a picture of you, half dressed, no makeup on, getting into your car. Wouldn't it be great knowing that everyone in the country now has access to an article written by a sloppy journalist with half veiled comments alluding to what a slut you are and how unfaithful to your partner, and guessing at how your husband/boyfriend will react to the news?

Because honestly you're just as much of a person as whatever celebrity hits the cover tomorrow. You deserve to have housewives across the country titter and joke about your sex life as well. It's only fair.