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What I Miss Most About America...


OMG It is so hard to find decent mexican food in Canada. It just doesn't exist. You can get like 6 different ethnicities of orietnal cuisine.. but a decent taco or burrito? GFL.

So I've taken to raiding the quarter of an aisle mexican food section in the local grocery for overpriced refried beans and salsa and seasoning packets.

And Tonight. Burrito success. NOMNOMNOM. Seasoned beef, simmered in old el paso burrito sauce to directions with onions, on top of a nice refried bean layer, all topped with rice (cooked in tomato sauce with a bit of an old taco seasoning packet) and the usual toppings, tomatoes, salsa, cheese, lettuce, sour cream.

Turned out so well... nice n spice-AY!



 I just got this on an RSS feed from Geekstir and I want to save it for all time.

They post lots of these.. always someone making a lolfacebook series of posts between people, be it the rulers of countries during WWII, or this time around, if Facebook existed in Harry Potter.


OMG THIS GAME ROCKS.. well if you listen to decent music on it at least.

I don't suggest dealing with Steam, cause they're a bunch of jerks, so it's available in the less legal places of happiness.

Anywho.. you're a spaceship, on the mode I like it's pretty straightforward, there are colored blocks, and there are grey blocks. Grey bad, color good. You choose an mp3 on your hard drive or one of the preset ones and then guide your spaceship through the best visualizer i have ever seen. The track changes slope to go with the tempo of your music... uphill when it's soft, when it picks up pace it rockets you downhill trying to swerve madly between all the grey blocks. A few songs I've tried also have a spot where they do a corkscrew.. which is fricken sweet.. disorienting, but sweet. I think it's on a drum roll. The blocks also fly by on key notes in the music. Unfortunately classic rock seems to be really bumpy because of the hard drums in most of it (looking at you GNR!) which reduces visibility almost to the point of insanity but some harder rock like Powerman 5000 is *sweet*

Slow songs are a must avoid though... poor Gary Jules and his soft version of Mad World was like.. the most horrendous track I played on that game... so. boring. It didn't feel right either because it kept trying to make it go faster than the music so it would still be somewhat entertaining as a game which just made it look awkward with slow music.

Definitely fun for rock, metal, techno, anything fast paced.

This dude is WAY better than me, but this is the basic idea.

Something that crossed my mind...

 How awesome would it be to host a Lady Gaga contest. Just let anyone dress up as either a costume of hers from a music video or something she's worn to an award show, and like.. call it Lady Gaga Con or something. Even just a small gathering with like maybe 5-6 people who actually dressed up and a judging with small prizes.

I have chosen the conference room with the floor to ceiling windows in the Library for this venue in my head.

I'd have to make a costume myself though of course, which could be slightly awkward to put together... I think I could manage that weird like.. crystal formation of cardboard she wore without too much buy in. Or maybe just a ridiculous pair of sunglasses with some artistic face glitter and eyeliner.

Mood Theme ^.^

So I just spent ridiculously long inputting all 132 image links manually because I don't pay for things. Like... Ever. Credits go to baswich for the images.


Also. I am not a raving sex maniac, no matter how many times I set my mood to Horny. Because that picture of Picard makes me smile, laugh, and also feel tingly between my legs.


See what I mean?



 New to this LJ thanger. Snooping around, figuring it out.